About Us


Established in 1999, ProFleet has a modern, diversified range of hydraulic truck mounted cranes with a capacity of between 15 and 35 t/m and a reach of between 14 – 25 meter.

The main focus of the business is to provide a service in specialized transport, namely Horse and Tri-Axles with cab mounted cranes as well as Rigid Crane Trucks with rear mounted cranes. Our fleet of Rigid Crane Trucks, with long reach cranes, specializes in crane lifting services related to power distribution, transmission and generation within the transformer maintenance industry.

We have earned the loyalty and trust of conglomerates that include Rotran Logistics, Rotek Engineering and Roshcon within the Eskom family, as well as Telkom and Siemens, to mention but a few.


ProFleet also provides lifting services for products that include generators, mini-subs machines, diesel tanks, ISO tanks, containers, factory plant, and general loads.

We are also rigging specialists.

We perform meticulous mechanical maintenance on all our cranes to ensure they are rented out to clients in a pristine working condition.


  • Range of fit for purpose cranes
  • 25 Years of experience in the crane hire industry
  • Specialists in transformer maintenance lifting services
  • 24/7 Emergency maintenance services
  • Blameless H&S record
  • Hands-on customer services

ProFleet is a BBBEE  LEVEL1 compliant business.

Profleet-hook-white-orange(500px)We have a reliable 24/7 emergency repair services with an enviable track record of excellence. 


ProFleet’s team of highly qualified and experienced professional crane operators ensures that every lift is conducted safely, on time and cost effectively. All crane operators are fully certified.

A culture of safety is deeply ingrained in everything we do, and has earned us an enviable record over the almost 15 years of our existence.

Our staff members have the skill, professionalism and experience to advise our clients on the most appropriate crane for every job in terms of safety, functionality and reliability.


ProFleet gives special attention to safety of all our staff, cranes and clients. All cranes are equipped with necessary safety equipment.

Specific health and safety objectives we pursue include:
  • To adhere, at all times, to occupational Health and Safety legislation and guidelines currently prevalent in South Africa
  • To identify, assess and monitor all potential hazards related to the work procedure that may affect the employees, the environment and the community
  • To provide control measures to reduce exposure to industrial hazards in terms of national and, where necessary, international standards, and
  • To educate and train our employees in health and safety awareness on an ongoing basis
  • To offer protection against work induced or work aggravated hazards
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